Saturday, November 1, 2008

Marking Scheme

Posted by Wilson Ong

Range of marks for all the codes in Da Winci:-

1 mark=Easy analysis. The description tells you what to do. The code is encoded in ONE simple way. You will definitely find a way to crack this.

2 marks=Easy analysis. The description tells you what to do. The code is encoded in TWO simple way.

3 marks=Further analysis. The description tells you what to do. The code is encoded in THREE ways. A further analysis and logical thinking may be needed.

4 marks=Further analysis. Players may have to search for the result, criteria, information, details from another website or other source. After that, players may have to sequence it together. If you are good in searching, you are good in this. Determination is the only need to decode these codes. The description doesn't tell you much. The code is encoded in FOUR ways. Some codes may not need further searching of details. However, they are harder of course.

5 marks=Players may need to be an expert in certain range of subjects, hobbies and others. For example, players who are good in football, Chinese songs, computer knowledge will stand a better chance in breaking the codes. The code is encoded in such a way that when you are good in something, you will decode it soon enough.

6 marks=Hard analysis. The code is encoded in FIVE to SIX ways. You miss/don't understand one part of it, you miss everything.

8 marks=Hard analysis. The code is encoded in SEVEN to NINE ways. Simply sophisticated.

10 marks=Complicated analysis. Simply NO CLUE at all. Players may need to know what's the author is thinking. No information, details are provided. These codes may not be logical. This type of code is rarely produced as the formation of the code may need a longer period. A special Hall will be formed to list out those who successfully decode these finest codes.

This marking scheme will be followed until another better marking method comes out. Thus, some codes' marks have been changed to a much appropriate marks. After successfully decoded any codes, a proper marking scheme will be released in the comment to show why such a mark should be given to the players. Visitors can visit any comments in Da Winci to find out more about this. Criticism, ideas are welcomed if you are unsatisfied of these. Have fun and stay tuned.

Alexander Mahone
Creative Director
Da Winci Code