Tuesday, November 4, 2008

N3w Labels

Posted by Wilson Ong

Dear visitors,

There will be an update to the label of each posts. It will be either Coded or Decoded:-

Coded=These codes are coded which means it is yet to be decoded. If visitors are searching for something to break, they will straightly go to these coded posts without referring to the status of the codes nor the comments of the posts. It saves time.
Decoded=These codes are decoded by one of the Hall of Fam3. If visitors want to know how the codes were decoded, they can view the comments for the answers.

However, the "status" in each posts will still remain there as to show the one who decoded the codes. Plus, as a remainder, all posts without labeling are informative details about the progress of this DaWinci website. Thanks.

Alexander Mahone
Creative Director
Da Winci Code