Wednesday, October 22, 2008

General Knowledge

Posted by Wilson Ong

1. I always do my work _____ . (Carefully/Unflinchingly/Persistently/Superbly)
2. If x=24, solve (2y-4w+3x)-(2t-7c+i)
3. 计谋
4. Which country has 3 capitals namely Administrative capital, Legislative capital and Judicial capital?
5. Who is the CEO of Microsoft?
6. Which colour do you like the most? (Blue/White/Purple)
7. Are you confident in breaking this code? (Yes/No)
8. Which is harder? (UPSR/PMR/SPM)
9. Use a letter to rate this code. (A/B/C)
10. Which software always become the most popular download in filehippo?
11. What slogan is used to promote the first generation iPod's large storage capacity and compact design in 2001?

Description: Solve all the questions above and you shall see something.
Marks: +4