Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Message From Da Winci

Posted by Wilson Ong

{Exclude A & B} {s-w-b-p-i-z-l-a-r-s-t---w-b-i-z-l-m-e-l-a-s-t}
A: What is your name?
B: Alexander Mahone.
A: You like Sushi?
B: Yes, totally.
A: Do you like fishing?
B: Not actually. But sometimes I do like it. It makes me mad.
A: So, who do you work for?
B: Myself.
A: How?
B: I am the author of the famous blog, Da Winci Code.
A: How is it?
B: I make complicated codes so that in the process of decoding, my visitors enjoy themselves.
A: So you are famous?
B: I appear to be famous but actually I have lots of catch-up to be made.
A: Hope you can excel in your blog and thank you for joining us in BBC News.
B: Thanks. It is my pleasure.
{Exclude A & B} {s-w-b-p-i-z-l-a-r-s-t---w-b-i-z-l-m-e-l-a-s-t}

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