Thursday, November 20, 2008

[+10]General Knowledges[+10]

Posted by Wilson Ong

1) Who is this guy?
2) Give a brand for webcam and the homepage of this brand.
3) Until Gameweek 13, manager ___________ has the most valuable team in Fantasy Premier League.
4) What is the name of the software above?
5) Google SketchUp 7.0.8657 is added to FileHippo at_______________.
6) Alexander Mahone is ____________.

7) With the above software, I can____________________.
8) With Piriform Recuva, I can______________________.

9) What should I do if I face the above situation?
10) Fill in the blank: A famous quote.
________is mostly about _____ ___ and not much about ________ ________.

Description: Jot down the answers for the above 10 questions such that 1) XXX 2) XXX 3) XXX and so on.
Marks: +10