Friday, November 21, 2008

[+10]Jokes & IQ Questions?[+10]

Posted by Wilson Ong

1) George Washington not only chopped down his father's Cherry tree, but also admitted doing it. Now do you know why his father didn't punish him?
2) What's the chemical formula of water?
3) Convert 'I killed a person' into future tense.
4) Why Ahmad Badawi goes walking in the evening and not in the morning?
5) Why did the chicken crossed the road? (in your personal view)
6) Da Winci Code is ______________ because ___________________.
7) Tell us a joke.
8) I am happy to be a (boy/girl) because _____________________.
9) Why fish live inside the water?
10) Create a funny acronym for your name.

Description: Answers should be in joking style but yet logical. Any funny answers will be accepted. Visitors are urged to post any of their answers as all answers will be considered by the author until the funniest answers are obtained. The funnier the answers, you stand more chances to grab all the 10 marks. After some time (maybe a month to two), those with the best answers will be given marks. If visitor A has his 5 answers the funniest while visitor B has his other 5 answers the funniest, 5 marks will be given to visitor A while another 5 marks will be given to visitor B. Thus, in this code, marks will be distributed to those with the most ideal answers.
Marks: +10
Status: Decoding...Need more participants so that the best can be chosen.


Roy Ooi said...

1)His father thought the Cherry tree was an Apple tree.
3)I will kill a person (huh, no idea how to make this funny)
4)Ahmad Badawi was a dracula(money sucker, no offence) who hate sunlight.
5)Her chick was being ***** at the opposite road.
6)Da Winci Code is stupid because it is made by Wilson Ong.(No offence)
Will post the rest tomorrow.

该死的达豪 said...

1) Because his father just knock th tree
2) WTF
3) Police killed me
4) Because the 7-11 only sell 100PLUS in evening
5) WTF how I know, I am not THAT chicken
6) Da Winci Code is sucks because it sucks
7) Happy New Year
8) Boy. Because I can rape instead of being raped
9) Because I dont want to kick any fish when I walk
10) TTH - Tali Terpijak Hantu