Sunday, November 23, 2008

[+10]Hungry For More?[+10]

Posted by Wilson Ong

Name the following restaurant by referring to each pictures. 10 pictures for 10 answers:-
a) Start with an easy one:

b) And this one:

c) And this one:

d) The restaurant which is related to this guy:

e) And finally:

Now, another harder 5:
f) This should be the easiest among the 5:

g) This one is hard:

h) Any idea where is this?

i) How about this:

j) And the hardest:

Description: Name all the restaurants above in such a way: a) XXX b) XXX c) XXX...
Marks: +10


Roy Ooi said...

a)pizza hut
b)sakae sushi
c)baskin robbins
d)kenny roger roaster
e)starbuck coffee shop

Alexander Mahone said...

Since you only give 5 answers, the only way you can get any marks is when you answer all of them correctly. However, some are incorrect. I shouldn't mention what are correct as others will copy and use the answers personally.

Alexander Mahone

Roy Ooi said...

srry for saying this, but if u need all answer to give any marks, why don't you delete your description?
It doesn't make any sense saying don't just give 2 answer and give at least 5 answer.
No offence.

Alexander Mahone said...

You still can post 5 answers if you are 100% sure that those 5 answers are correct.