Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Posted by Wilson Ong

You are a foreign tourist who are driving at an area known as "The Cal_ _ _ ar". And you don't know the way out. By the time, you are driving at Road 8. If you drive to your West, you will enter Road 1 while if you drive to your East, you will enter Road 15. You can't go South because there is no road there. And in front of you (North) is Road 7. All you know by now is that the only way out is to find Road 16 and from there, head straight up to North. Thus, you can only survive if you find Road 16. You have with yourself a compass to show direction of course, a phone to call DaWinci for any request or question(only once), a car with enough fuel to drive you, plenty of water for you to survive for another couple of days, no map as "The Cal_ _ _ ar" is a secret location.

Description: Bring yourself out of this area. Show how you get out here by providing the name of the Road and the direction you heading to. All you need to do is to find Road 16. Thats all. In the mean time, tell us what is "The Cal_ _ _ ar". My advice: Just drive through, you don't have to get out of the car and do other crazy stuffs. One last thing, if you know what's "The Cal_ _ _ ar", you know about the whole plan and sure you know how to get out of here.
Marks: +8