Sunday, November 16, 2008


Posted by Wilson Ong

1) What is this place?
=A place where you decode the codes formed by me, Alexander Mahone. Refer here for more info.

2) What is "codes"?
=Refer here.

3) How I know which posts are codes and which are not?
=Posts with labeling (Decoded or Coded) are codes to be broken.

4) Why there are description, marks and status in each post?
=Refer here.

5) What is Hall Of Fam3?
=A place to display those who have successfully decoded any codes. They collected a significant marks from each codes they decoded as stated in each post.

6) Are the codes suitable to all range of people?
=Refer here.

7) How are the marks of each code differ from each other?
=Marks are given based on marking scheme.

8) Why are some codes start with [+10]
=Those are 10 marks codes.

9) How do I submit my answer?
=Post it in the comment of the particular posts. If the answer is correct, Alexander will post a comment congratulating the answer submitter. Plus, marking scheme according to the answer of the code will be displayed to show the ways to break this code. Thus, if you submit an answer, you will have to display the comment of the code from time to time to see whether your answer is correct or not. If you are not free to do so, you can just observe the "status"(refer Question 4) of the post. If it is decoded by you, your name will be stated there clearly.

10) Can I have a summary to all of these?
=All you have to do is to decode any codes you may be good at and post the answer in the comment of the post. Then, if it is correct, you will obtain marks and have your name in the Hall Of Fam3. If it is wrong, you will have to try again or try on other codes.

11) When will the real answers of old codes be displayed?
=The answers will not be displayed until somebody successfully decode it.

12) What is the ShoutMix box?
=A chatting box. Just chat about anything you like there.

13) What is ads from Nuffnang?
=Advertisement from Nuffnang. Kindly click on it to find out more about the products promoted. If it's irritating, just don't care about it. Codes are the main point in this website.

[This FAQ will be updated weekly to reinforce the system. Always refer FAQ for more information and questions you may not know nor understand well. The link of FAQ will be placed at the side bar.]